Mark Tully launches PRSI's 'Samvaad' Series

Mark Tully launches PRSIs Samvaad Series

PRSI – Delhi Chapter launched the Samvad-Series for the fraternity of fellow professionals by Sir William Mark Tully on May 10, 2019, at the SCOPE Convention Centre, Delhi. The launch was followed by a lecture on 'Creative Listening'.

Mark Tully, who is known for his convictions and commitments on whatever he undertakes; opened the talk with references from Indian mythology and scriptures. He emphasised that India and Indians are known for skillful communications, and good communication is the foundation of great public relations. He dwelled upon how art of listening is associated with development of self. Tully elaborated that it is listening that connects you with the inner-mind, intellect and soul.

He referred to radio as one of the medium that inculcates habit of listening among the masses and mentioned that listening gives you an opportunity to draw inferences from the speakers talk. His narrations were highly appreciated by the audience and were supported with clapping.

Tully touched upon Samvad in the society in general and political context particularly. He highlighted how over a period of time Samvad has been dominated by acquisitions and cross-acquisitions rather than constructive and convincing arguments and cross arguments.

He emphasised how creative and effective listening has been adopted by Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teressa and other great leaders of the world in bringing together the masses and build nations. He once again drew attention of PR professionals for deeply understanding this to meet the professional intent in developing and communicating their message to the masses in a more efficient and effective manner.

This was the first lecture in the series of Samavad.

While the Samvad Logo was unveiled by Sir William Mark Tully, Executive Committee Members joined him on the stage. Tully complemented the team PRSI-Delhi Chapter for this yeomen service to the society.

Earlier, the welcome address was given by Chairman, PRSI-Delhi Chapter, Naresh Kumar. Shari Pallab Bhattacharya, Executive Director (CC), ONGC introduced Sir Willaim Mark Tully to the audience and GS Bawa introduced the Samvad Series and gave the punch line "Productivity through Effective Samvad".

The program was summed up with the felicitation of the dignitaries on the dais and a vote of thanks by the SS Rao, Secretary, PRSI-Delhi Chapter.

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