Love song from Bangladeshi singer for Valentine's Day

Love song from Bangladeshi singer for Valentines Day
Shusmita Anis has been singing Nazrul songs for a while now. She took lessons of music from legendary Firoza Begum who was Shusmita's aunt. She came up with a few songs of her own last year like "Keu Januk Aar Nai Januk" which won immense success. This year, she has tied a knot with renowned music composer and tuner Adit Rahman to set tune for a new song while famous lyricist Sohel Arman has penned lyrics for "Tomar Akash."
Arman, Adit and Shusmita had a discussion on the song, experimented and exchanged ideas about the content. After giving it some thought Shusmita suggested a song about the free-spiritedness of a teenager. Adit already had a tune in mind and Arman wrote the lyrics on the tune. This is how the song was born.
"Tomar Akash" is a story about a bubbly, free-spirited teenage girl who crosses paths with a boy as she's exploring the world. She finds her self-attracted to the boy and starts to fall in love with him.
The feeling is beautiful and innocent. Shusmita felt that the best director for this music video would be Tanim Rahman Ongshu. He recommended that we go to Nepal to shoot because it had the most beautiful sceneries.
Tanzin Tisha, a model from Bangladesh, played the teenage girl while Narayan Dhakal a model from Nepal played the young boy. They worked with a Nepalese production group to shoot this music video. It was an amazing experience to shoot the song in the lap of nature in Nepal. It's a gift to all lovers on this Valentine's day from Bangladesh which connects two native countries, India and Nepal, to spread love through a soulful song by Shusmita Anis. It is available on Shusmita Ani's youtube channel now.
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