Looking beyond the stern image of fathers

This father’s day, people talk about memories with their father, the bond they share and the unconfessed love for him...

When it comes to bonding with kids, mothers are always a step ahead of fathers. Carrying the child inside her womb for 9 months, taking the brunt of bringing the baby into this world, killing her dreams to cater for the needs of the child, a mother's love somehow overshadows a father's concern and care.

Despite the strong emotional support and the love he showers, we always picture him as an emotionless person. But this father's day people made an efforts to look beyond the stern image of fathers and confess the love that they hold deep within. Read the confessions as told to Syeda Eba and Neera Bhardwaj:

Nida Aejaz, Student

When I fell down from my bike and bawled my eyes out, the only person to re-build my self-confidence was my father. When I scored bad grades in exams, It was my father who saved me from mom's anger. At the end of the day, all of us looked for our mothers to cry our heart out to, but it was our father who gave us the strength when we were in need of it. It was his patience when we lost ours, his wise words when we didn't have any, his smile that made us believe that we can set everything right, his faith that we would achieve milestones. All this has made us the person that we are today. So, no matter how busy you are, pick up your phone and tell him how much you love him.

Sheeba Taskeer, Teacher

As I sit back to reminisce about my childhood, the time when my dad's presence was enough to comfort me is the first thing I visualize. Even if I had a slight headache, he would keep aside his work only to sit beside me. Children usually are more comfortable sharing secrets with their mothers, but I found a great listener in my father. He was always there to stand by my side and support me. He has been my strength throughout my life. This father's day, all I would say is 'Thank You Papa for watching over me and holding my hand when I needed you the most.'

Emad Sajid, Student

My father has struggled throughout life and made every effort so that I don't have to go through everything that he had to. He always tells me about his failures and struggles from his early days; when I was a kid. He believes in never giving up, no matter how hard things get. My father may not know everything about me but he has inspired me to become a good human being.

Ajay Tyagi

When I was young, I had no interest in studying mathematics. Though my dad was aware of it, he kept persisting and encouraging me to work hard and there came a time when I even scored 100/100 in that particular subject. Recalling this particular incident makes me think about the kind of bond we shared. He loved me more than anything else and had his own ways of expressing the feelings.

He always fulfilled our necessary requirements. Though he could have easily provided us with all the luxurious items instead. He kept his persona of being a struggler and taught us the real meaning of hardships in lives so that his children's would become stronger.

Arisha Zaidi, Student

Kids, in general, are closer to their mother than they are to their father. But this doesn't make the father any less loved by his children. Children adore their father for his sheer delightful yet strong presence, for the pure laughter and fun he brings in their life with his jokes and a great sense of humour. Fathers are best known for imparting their children with the real world knowledge, daily life hacks, and all the possible adventure. A father is not just a figure to be unconditionally loved and respected, but he is one irreplaceable and incomparable person who completes a child's life.

Akshay Kumar, PR Professional

My dad usually sleeps by 10 pm and hence couldn't wish me on my birthday. I woke up after he went to work, but he called me a few hours later to wish. Thereafter, I had plans with my friends and so reached home quite late. To my surprise, my dad was still awake. With sleepy eyes, he came from his room, gave me his blessings and went back to sleep. Though we are not very open about our feelings, these small things make you realise how close you are to your father. We share a strong but indirect bond. We don't go out together but enjoy watching cricket in each other's company. We don't really talk about what's going on in each other's life but we do chat over a cup of coffee.

Suresh Raina, Former surgeon

I am a father of two and I don't expect them to let me run their lives and tell them what to do. I do not expect to move in with either one and expect them to take care of my old age. So what is significant is that they remember me on this day and show it through a text or a phone call. This would be enough to make me happy.

I had a loving mother who wanted to control me till the day she died. My father, on the other hand, gave me strength by not interfering in my life since I was a teenager. They are both gone now and on Father's Day, I make it a point to say 'hello' and regret not recognising his qualities earlier. Ideally, I would like my children to remember me fondly and maybe recognize any influence I may have had on making their lives a little richer.

Samra Raza, Student

In childhood, when I was scolded by my mother, my father was my only escape. When I had to go to those school trips, he was the only person to agree. And when I was leaving home to stay in a hostel, his non-teary-eyes were most painful. Calling him my hero or my best friend would sound too poetic, but undoubtedly he is my constant. One who completes my life and always will.



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