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Let's preserve, conserve water

Lets preserve, conserve water

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the next war will be over water. A steadily increasing world population, rampant water pollution, and the unchecked exploitation of natural resources have played their role in bringing us to where we stand today. Negligence of customary water bodies like lakes and tanks, abuse of groundwater, and incorrect preservation of surface water systems have added to the growing burden. It is going to grow with every passing second. Hence it is high time that all of us get up from our slumbers and put our act together to do our bit towards water conservation.

Patton has been proactive in addressing water woes and is coming up with solutions like 'Rain Water Harvesting' , 'Ground Water Recharging' and introducing 'Water-On-Wheels / Roller Tank' in different parts of West Bengal.


In India, millions of villagers do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. Around one out of every five persons in rural India does not have access to clean drinking water.

There are several natural causes, including arsenic and fluoride in ground water which are adding to the problem. Hence women have to struggle daily for clean water. Water is traditionally carried in heavy 20 litre buckets balanced on their head from collection points located away from their homes.This is a strenuous task causing long-term neck and spinal injuries and equally time consuming requiring multiple trips per day covering three to six hours .

Specially designed Patton Water Roller Tank enables to collect large amounts of water, which is almost five times more hygienic than a single bucket, by simply rolling it along the ground reducing drudgery of water collection from far places. The savings in time, energy and reduced suffering are immense and the positive social-impact benefits are far reaching.

Patton-Water-On-Wheels is already introduced in districts like Darjeeling, Bankura, Purulia etc.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting is the process of collecting Rain-Water falling on roof-tops in a tank for future productive use. Patton has installed many Rain Water Harvesting Projects in West Bengal where Rain Water is being used as source of drinking water.

We are dedicatedly working on 'Rain Water Harvesting' and 'Ground Water Recharging' in association with different bodies such as Public Health Engineering Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland management, Institution of Public Health Engineers, Forest Department, Many schools in Sundarban, Bonnie Camp Tiger Reserve, Lahiripur Forest Camp, Kalas Tiger Reserve, Sajnekhali Pakhiralaya and Bhagabatpur in Sunderban to name a few.

We believe sincerely there is much more to do. Every single drop counts. Let us all preserve and conserve it. Our journey continues...

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