'Let's make India the cuisine capital of the world'

Lets make India the cuisine capital of the world

The fifth Chef Summit was organised on the occasion of the 14th Annual Chef Awards and Chef and Child Charity Dinner.

Along with other renowned names from the hospitality industry, Rashmi Verma, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism Government of India, presented her point of view to the 300 participants.
In consonance with the theme of the Chef Summit 'Incredible Taste: Making India a Global Culinary Destination' Rashmi Verma spoke of the opportunity to make India the 'Cuisine Capital' of the world as India has the maximum number of curries and cuisines in the world.
She affirmed India's cuisines are unlimited as even a month-long food festival would fall short of showcasing the entire range of cuisines.
"Recently a three-day festival was held on the lawns of India Gate. The food stalls were heavily crowded, indicating that not all Indians are aware of the wide varieties of regional cuisines. So, exposing people to cuisines of other regions, or a domestic inter-change of cuisines, was an initiative," said the minister.
Organised under the leadership of Anil Bhandari, Chairman Organising Committee, ICF, and Chef Davinder Kumar, President ICF, the celebrations were part of International Chefs Day held on November 1, 2017, at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi.
Present at the occasion were Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, SATS, Chef M.S. Gill, President IFCA, R. Kumar, Chairman Continental Equipment, and Chef Sudhir Sibal, former Vice-president ITDC.
Anil Bhandari, in his inaugural address insisted that we need to document our traditional ethnic, regional cuisines; authenticate and teach these cuisines at our Catering Institutes; hold Food Festivals across world; work out marketing plans and promote India as a Culinary Destination; organise Cuisine Tours in India where foreign guests have a great experience and remember the food they were served.
On the occasion, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, "The F&B industry's growth has not benefitted chefs the way it should have. They need to be projected in a better light. Opportunities in the sphere of tourism have increased. Chefs needed to be supported and encouraged instead of being overworked and underpaid."



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