Learning the art of yoga

Learning the art of yoga

There are many physical and psychological benefits of practising yoga.

It improves the flexibility of the joints, muscles and soft tissue which consequently improves posture.

On the psychological front, one's patience grows and time seems to move more slowly, giving space for reflection and contemplation.

The effects of negative stress on a person can be manifested as depression, sleeplessness, poor digestion and elimination, which can be treated with practices like yoga – helping a person's mind to be at peace.

J Tara Herron, Director of The Imperial Spa and Salon, lists down different ways of how yoga can help a person in leading a healthy lifestyle:

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

· Increases detoxification and weight loss

· Improves flexibility and lengthens the limb

· Cardiovascular activity strengthens the hear

· Builds stamina, endurance and focus

· Clears the mind deepening relaxation, meditation and renewal.

Tips to reduce stress and increase focus with yoga

· Practice Pranayama breathing techniques morning and night

· Imagine the internal view of your body as you hold certain postures

· Bring your mind into a state of detached observation.

· Notice the struggle but don't identify with it

· Remember – what you resist persists and acceptance creates a space for change

·Breathe deeply and consciously into your asanas with kindness and love.

Asanas for reducing belly fat at home

The belly is supported by both abdominal and lumbar muscles. So, asanas that energize and strengthen these muscle groups are important.

You can begin with the breath of fire known as 'Kapalabahti' that focuses on circulating oxygen and prana into the abdominal area. Kapalabathti should be powerfully carried out but not forced, so the right technique is important.

Two other helpful asanas are Bow pose ' Dhanurasana' where the lymphatic system is also being drained from the mid-region on the body helping to detox and break up fatty tissue This pose also works on your core strength tightening the tummy and back muscles. Equally beneficial is Plank Pose 'Kumbakasana' tones the abdominal region whilst also building core strength.

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