Learning the art of 'Musicology'

Learning the art of  Musicology

A two-day workshop titled 'Shadaj se Nishad tak' on musicology was held by the Cultural Archives on October 11–12 at Lecture hall of IGNCA's new building complex in New Delhi.

The workshop was conducted by an intern of the Cultural Archives, Sanjeevani Jain – who is presently studying her Masters on Musicology from the University of Amsterdam - to introduce the school children to the nuances of the basics of Hindustani classical music. The girl students of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya Magazine Road, New Delhi, who have had no formal training of music were invited to participate in the workshop.

As a part of the workshop, a basic knowledge of what is 'Hindustani classical music' and 'the seven notes' with their meanings and from where these swaras were derived was demonstrated through audio-visual mediums on the first day.

Whereas, on the second day the students were shown to films 'oral tradition of the vedas' and 'A chairy tale' depicting the connection between music and various bhavas or emotions.

The children were also given some notes to combine and compose different sargams or tunes.

Despite being introduced for the first time the participants were quick to imbibe the subject and took a keen interest in the subject and also performed on both the days an activity pertaining to the workshop.

Children were actively engaged and were enthusiastic about more such workshops. Certificates were distributed at the end of the session by Dr Ramesh C Gaur, Director (Lib and Inf.), Kala Nidhi Division.

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