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Learning from your little one

On Mother's day, when most of us talk about the importance of a mother in a child's life, we overlook the fact that vice versa is also true. I can convey this with full conviction because my daughter at a tender age of two, has already made my life more meaningful, enlightened, and much more fun.
It's true that a mother is the first teacher in a child's life, but believe me when I say this, 'I have learnt to be a mother only by being one'. No amount of reading or advice can help you formulate ideas and strategies on how to give the best upbringing to your child. On the other hand, an innocent child, who is so naive to the complex emotions of our world, can teach us the biggest lessons of leading a peaceful and content life.
To begin with, being a parent automatically upgrades the level of tolerance and patience of an individual. The realization that we cannot control everything slowly sinks in, and sometimes, we have to change our ways in a way that suit others. For instance, as a mother I cannot force my daughter to eat food; I cannot lose my temper, nor can I force feed her. I keep calm, sharpen my creative side every day and find new, amusing ways to distract her so that she finishes her food.
No compliment in the world is more flattering than the adoring look of a child for his mother. The twinkle in their eyes makes a mother feel more beautiful, both from the inside-out. The trust that a child relies on his mother pumps in immense confidence in her, such that she can fight anyone irrespective of their size, gender, background or relation for her child's welfare.
As children, we used to forgive and move on so easily. Sadly, somewhere, while growing up, we have lost this quality. As a parent, we yet again get the opportunity to bring a positive change in ourselves. Our children teach us how easy it is let go just by giving a tight hug and patching up. The moral is that time is precious and there is no point wasting it over anger and hatred. We are just reducing the count of our own happy moments.
What's more? Your baby can give any gym instructor a run for his money. The amount of motivation he gives you to be fit and active is tremendous. Only when we take care of ourselves, we can take care of them.
Finally, the most important learning from motherhood is the awareness that we do not exist to please everyone around us. When we teach our children about their individual strengths and weaknesses, it also makes us understand that we all have flaws but we can work on them. Some people will keep reminding us of our flaws and disagree with all our decisions and that's okay. In the end, we have to choose what is important to us and our family. After all, the motherly instinct is the best judge.
Learning and growing up with a child is indeed interesting. A child can bring out the better version of us; the magic lies in imbibing ourselves with the qualities and morals we expect from our children. And as a quote read: "There will be days when I fail, but looking at your eyes I realize I am your supermom who cannot give up." Happy Mother's Day!
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