Learn the art of self-defence at KCC's Taekwondo classes

Learn the art of self-defence at KCCs Taekwondo classes

With the increasing crime rate, Indian parents are looking for a sport for their children that would teach them the art of self-fefence and protection.

Korean Cultural Centre India, in view of the same, has organised two months free Taekwondo classes, which will go until October 31.

The students will be trained by Master Wan Yong Lee – who will be focusing on teaching self-defense techniques, fights, taekwondo, poomsae, taekwondo demonstration, and dance, teaching etiquettes and manners to the participants. Master Lee has been training Indian students from the age group of six years to 24 years at KCC, which also includes Indian Athletes who participated in this year's Asian Games.

"Unlike the common prejudice about the sport, it is more than a fighting game. Its ultimate goal is to develop and cultivate the personality of the player through physical, mental and spiritual discipline," he says.

Taekwondo – a form of Korean martial art is South Korea's national sport.

It became an official Olympic sport in 2000, and since then it has been disseminated in 203 countries.

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