KVIC stalls rock IITF despite space crunch

Khadi has once again proved that despite all odds, its growth would not decelerate in any case.
In the recently concluded 37th edition of India International Trade Fair (IITF) at Pragati Maidan, the Khadi and village industries recorded a growth of 19.38 percent in its average sale with respect to its sale in the 36th edition of IITF last year. And, this despite the fact that total space allotted to Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) this year was only 1400 sq meters, which was less than half of the 3000 sq meters space allotted last year.
The average sale in each stall of Khadi unit was recorded nearly Rs 5.53 lakh this year, which is higher than last year's figure of around Rs 5 lakh. Similarly, in Village Industries unit, the average sale in each stall this year was nearly Rs 3.27 lakh, which is Rs 86,000 higher than last year's figure of Rs 2.4 lakh.
Due to crunch of adequate space, the KVIC could incorporate only 90 institutions on stalls in the 37th of IITF. Last year, the KVIC had allotted as many as 195 stalls of Khadi and Village Industries units. While the sales percentage in 2016 was 50.95 and 49.05 for Khadi and Village industries products respectively, it was 74.9 and 25.1 percent respectively for Khadi and Village industries products this year.
KVIC Chairman, Vinai Kumar Saxena said that the growth in average sale indicates that Khadi and village industries products were hit among the buyers. "The KVIC stalls caught the attention of several representatives of embassies and High Commissions in India. Students of several fashion designing institutes and esteemed universities also visited our stall, to learn how the instrument of self-reliance has become a tool of economic transformation in modern India," he said.
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