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Kaushik's attempt to create peace in homophobic world

Kaushiks attempt to create peace in homophobic world

Giving a poignant message about acceptance of all kinds of love in the society, the National Award winning film Nagarkirtan is all set to release on February 15. The film which is directed by Kaushik Ganguly will attempt to create a dialogue about the pertaining issue.

Talking about the concept of the film, Kaushik said: "Many years have passed since Just another love story was made. Through the making of that film, I have come to know a lot of people who are beyond the conventional sexual preference for being a man or a woman. Getting to know them and be around them, for such a long time now, has opened a wide real world ahead. In this struggle of gender transformation from a man to a woman and vice versa, I have seen a quite a few acquaintances lose their lives. I doubt when they will get to live in peace in this homophobia-stricken world."

The director hopes that with his characters' Madhu and Putis' anguish would draw some affection from these people they are trying to live among. And, someday, all these little pains would culminate to make this a better world for them.

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