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In the loving memory of Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay

In the loving memory of Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay

Whenever his books are read, one often wonders if the protagonist would resemble a Bengali matinee idol. Late Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay is one of the most cinematised authors of Bengali literature. His novels have been translated in other Indian languages, and transformed into cinematic grandeur. Love, romance, and human relationships have been the recurring themes of his novels.

Born on September 7, 1920 in Dhaka, his first story was Nurse Mitra, which was published in the newspaper Basumati. It was later made into major movies (Deep Jwele Jai in Bengali and Khamoshi in Hindi). Bollywood films like Safar (1970) and Bemisal were also based on his novels.

Angels Vision Society from New Delhi, encompasses various spheres which include promotion of culture, preservation of bio diversity and contributing towards education for the underprivileged. In the year 2016 the society organised Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay Short Play competition in the honour of great author, which witnessed appreciable participation from various theater groups and attracted a large group of theater enthusiasts.

Angels Vision Society along with Salkia Natyanabis is organising Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay Memorial pre-birth centenary Drama Festival, Kolkata, September 20 - 22, in Kolkata, at Jogesh Mime Academy, where one can witness magic on stage with plays like 'Nei Ami Nei Ami', 'Bhooter Ghore Bhootnath', , 'Chaarbaak Shutro', 'Kaalpurush', and 'Duto Din'.

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