IGNCA restores the identity of folk music

IGNCA restores the identity of folk music
Reviving the melodious folk songs of Arunachal Pradesh, Indira Gandhi National Art Center (IGNCA) organized the third series of 'Sanjari' program in New Delhi this Saturday. This program is organized every month and attempts to preserve the essence of the folk music of different states in its original form. On its 30th foundation day, original folk music was presented for the common people in Delhi.
This edition of 'Sanjari' focused on Arunachal Pradesh' cultural heritage. It is the country's only state, where 26 major tribes and more than 100 sub-tribes reside. It is richest in terms of language, art, and culture. Arunachal has 90 languages and more than 100 folk tradition. The glimpse of Arunachal in its folk music was mesmerizing.
Delong Padung, the first folk artist from Arunachal who is honoured with Bismillah Khan Award performed with his team. Their efforts engaged the young generation and created awareness of folk music losing its identity.
"Today, we will sing the songs of 'Adi tribe'. In the folk music tradition of Arunachal, these songs are sung all day and night and therefore, we do not have a short version of folk. But we are making it for the new generation," said Delong Padung.
"We had prepared a smaller version today as the younger generation is taking interest in it. Arunachal's cultural heritage is vast and has more than 100 folk music traditions alive but now, western culture influencing our local rich culture. We are afraid that if we do not preserve it today, we will lose the identity of Arunachal. I am very grateful to IGNCA, who gave us this platform in the country's capital and supported our movements of folk music," he added.
Delong Padung and his team from 'The land of rising sun' proved through their folk songs and folk dance that no matter what the language is, the music is appreciated and unite people.
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