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Home quarantine kits for extra protection

With home isolation for mild and asymptomatic COVID-19 patients becoming the new norm, healthcare providers are innovating with special packages that offer home quarantine kits, video consultations with doctors and nurses and even diet plans during the quarantine period. June had been a terrible month for the city - with record surges almost every day, it accounted for most of the caseload in the capital territory up to that point. Overrun labs and public hospitals added to the chaos and anxiety - as did conflicting information from the state and central governments.

The idea behind the Home Quarantine Kit was inspired by the problems that a family would face in case a member in the family contracts the virus. All the members of the family would face exposure to the virus with the patient at home. In a country like India, where the middle class-lower middle class families live in 1-2 BHK apartments and houses, it is definitely a challenge to protect the other home mates from contamination. Stocking up on antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer with high (at least 60 percent) alcohol content, toilet paper, tissues, disinfecting wipes, feminine care products, diapers, laundry detergent, dish soap/detergent have also proven to be very resourceful during these trying times.

The person in care would require regular cleaning of clothes and linen which can make the home mates very prone to exposure. Home Quarantine Kit is designed to keep these problems in mind. The Patient under care is advised to make use of the antiviral protection clothing and linen during the period of quarantine and can be used even without washing (unless there are any stains).

The vision is to break the chain and it starts from home. Any loss to a family is irrecoverable and with technology adaptation we can save many lives. As the number of home quarantines is growing, we have to safeguard other family members at home and we will keep working to find the best solution in this fight against Coronavirus.

(Inputs by Sasha Bose, CEO of Nano Chemiqs)

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