Here's how you can be Diwali ready

Heres how you can be Diwali ready
Diwali resonates to brightness, radiance and happiness all around. Just as we indulge in cleaning up our house couple of weeks before Diwali arrives similarly our skin needs to be cleansed and scrubbed well to be Diwali ready. "Keep your skin away from this dryness which is invited by a change in the climate and a drop in humidity in the atmosphere, just keep it sufficiently hydrated," advises Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop India.
Treat your skin with Vitamin E and essential oil rich creams and oils which protects skin. Remember to complete your intake of water of 8-10 glasses which is the best remedy for a glowing skin.
As the festive season will keep you on the move, wrap up your skincare routine with a smear of sunscreen. Use a powerful UV protection which fight free radicals and keeps your skin ever glowing.
With an extremely busy schedule wherein you need to shop, socialize, clean your house, attend pre Diwali parties; you shouldn't compromise with your health and your body. Do not break your workout routine so that you do not regret later on once the festive season is over. It will also help you save a lot of makeup as your skin will glow naturally.
Keep away from crackers as it emits lot of fumes and pollute not only the environment but also our skin and hamper it in many ways causing allergies, irritation and chemical burns
It might look like a very cruel advice for the festive season, but it is important to keep the consumption of sweets in control. An over dosage of fried and sugary foods can lead to breakouts, weight gains, dull looking skin and a lot of allergies too.
Drink plenty of fluids like water to compensate for alcohol.
Replace unhealthy food with nutritious food like fruits, dry fruits, etc.
Remove every trace of makeup, even the eye makeup and apply a good nourishing night cream.
Apply an antioxidant cream like creams with vitamin C or Vitamin E.
Do not use mousse on hair. If you do though, then wash it off at night or the next morning.
Opt for blow drying with low heat which is better than ironing.
Find a little time daily for doing some cardio exercise to compensate for the binge eating.
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