Heaven awaits at Shanaya

Heaven awaits at Shanaya
Two days ago, after travelling in the Metro for nearly two hours, with the ACs not working properly and then again travelling in an auto in this sweltering Delhi heat, I didn't expect my mood to shift from being grumpy to being calm and composed; singing my favorite classics.
The reason behind this surprising change in mood was the luxurious and exotic treatment by 'Shanaya spa' at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi. It was here that I realized the significance of what Napoleon Bonaparte meant when he said, "The best cure for the body is a quiet mind."
A serenity with only the sound of birds chirping out the window, a moderately chilled room at a temperature of 22.5 C; enough to make anyone snuggle up in their soft linen bathrobe, and warm water flowing gracefully around your feet – this is what you get at this exquisite spa on every visit.
With five luxuriously anointed therapy rooms, a state-of-the-art wet area (steam, sauna, relaxation beds with private lockers and powder rooms) and internationally trained therapists, 'Shanaya' is intricately designed to match every individual's needs.
As per their tradition, before starting any therapy, a 'Shanaya' masseuse or masseur will bring a huge bowl filled with warm water and massage stones, for you to dip in your feet. And while you are comfortably sitting in a cozy bathrobe, a masseuse (in my case), will gently massage your feet to warm up and get the nerves in sync with your body.
After a soothing feet massage, the masseuse will escort you to a relaxation bed and according to your need – from relieving muscle pain in a particular area to overall body rejuvenation – the masseuse will pick-up an essential oil of your choice from a quality brand (most probably, Forest Essentials).
'Shanaya' offers a myriad of therapies, treatments, and facials and they make their fingers work to the bone to make you feel at ease.
Whether you have a jet lag, aching muscles from rigorous workout sessions at the gym or you just need an escape from all the city hustle-bustle, as soon as the masseuse glides through your body, by using a combination of gentle, choreographed strokes using essential oils, you will get an overall sensation of well-being; of being relieved of stress.
While you lay on the bed, after a superlative massage, flexing your muscles, the masseuse will prepare for your facial.
Ranging from an illuminating radiance facial, ultra-relaxing eye-treatment to a silicium super lifts treatment, these facials by marine-based Thalgo products will make your skin glow in a way that you might even give competition to the actors in those beauty product commercials.
If you want, you can also go for a sauna, pedicure, manicure or just any beauty service as 'Shanaya' leaves no stone unturned to prove that they are the one-stop-shop for all your needs and indeed, they have.


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