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Give your hair a moisturising routine

Give your hair   a moisturising routine

The monsoon and oncoming climate change is going to effect your mane whether you like it or not. In humid climate our scalp tends to get oily and the roots tend to get frizzy and dry. This happens over a period of time and to the naked eye its tough to detect. Therefor, its important to take care of your hair from this very moment. Add these simple tips to your hair care routine is an important part:

Go back to your Basics

Our daily routine exposes us to a lot of pollution, air and dust. Travelling around a city leads to damage, and hence a deep treatment is necessary.

Try going back to the old days where oiling is a must for the nourishment of your hair. A regular oiling session before the wash can be of great help to soften the hair along with replenishing the roots.

Rich Shampoo

Your hair requires the right amount of hydration to make it look glossy. Also Panthenol helps repair hair from the inside out and protects vulnerable hair from the harmful UV rays.

Must not forget Conditioning

At times only a shampoo doesn't give your hair all the nutrients it requires, a conditioner is a must. Conditioning provides your strands with the perfect moisture balance that hydrates and detangles moisture-starved strands for hair that is shiny.

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