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Give it an office feel at home

Give it an office feel at home

Considering the present state of affairs, working from home can be a huge relief so as to avoid the unnecessary stress. While the world as a whole is facing health emergency and is advised to stay indoors, many companies are responding positively to the concept of 'work from home'.

"Working from home can be great if an ample distinction is made between distractions and actual working space. Missing out on important work due to discomfort and disturbances is the last thing you would want. Instead, an office at home that reflects a sense of comfort is all you want," shares interior designing expert. The expert shares a few tips around how one can create an office feel at home

Select the right location

One of the many benefits of a home office is you get to pick the exact location of your work area. Don't stifle yourself on space since you will be spending the majority of your day here. Use the guest room if needed, which is mostly vacant and works great if you need privacy while working. Stay out of trafficked areas and find a quiet corner of the house, in case having an entire room is not feasible.

Choose the right furniture

Don't compromise on a good chair. Show yourself some love while picking out a well-designed, ergonomically-correct chair, as you don't want to end up feeling sore and having back aches at the end of the day.


Feel free to choose accessories that enhance the comfy feeling of your home office.

Coffee mugs, trendy notepads and sticky notes are all great ideas to get cosy while working. In fact, you should feel great while working, especially when you have the privilege to design your home office. Creating a homely atmosphere can lend a sense of familiarity to your work and increases your efficiency.


Find a suitable place to stack up all your paperwork and laptop. Keep the desk surface clean and clutter free.

Inspiring notes and board

Working from home can make you a little lazy, most importantly, if you are not used to it. Prepare a 'to-do list' for the day, which will help on the productivity front. Use a pin-board if you have one or post a few sticky notes above your desk with some inspirational

quotes featuring daily to-dos certainly helps on the productivity front.

Go ahead and try out these ideas. Have the flexibility to set your own schedules in the comfort of self-designed beautiful office home for yourself.

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