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Gift right this festive season

As the festive season is approaching, seeking gifts for friends and family could be quite a task. Here is a guide to help you pick the right gift that would bring a smile to their faces

Gift right this festive season

When it comes to festive season, gifts are one of those things everybody look forward to. You must have given and received hundreds of gifts till date, but what makes it special is the thoughfullness.

Ayushi Gudwani, Founder and CEO of FableStreet, feels that apparel is one of the most sought after category. However,gifting apparel can be tricky as not all fabrics and silhouettes flatter every body type, especially when it comes to women. She has shared a simple guide to help you select fabrics and garment styles while gifting clothes that will get you the appreciation you deserve. Read on...

Understand Body Type: Knowing one's body type is crucial to select the silhouette that suits them best. For women with a pear shaped body (Heavy on Hip and Thighs) dresses are more flattering than trousers and darker colors are suggested for garments on the lower body; since the idea is to focus the attention on the upper body. Similarly, for people with an apple shaped body, it is suggested that the attention should be shifted to the lower body and uppers with V-neck and 3/4th sleeves in darker colours should be selected. The intent would be to highlight their legs more with crop trousers, skirts and dresses. When it comes to curvy bodies, with a slender waist fitted pieces flatter the figure the most. Structured dresses or A-line dresses with fitting on the upper bodies also look great. For women who are conscious about their belly fat, slightly fitted pieces with structured shoulders should be opted for.

Choose wrinkle free: With an increasing number of people wanting to refresh and celebrate post work during the festive season, it is essential that the garment is curated from fabrics that are wrinkle free and can sustain the hectic schedule of the individual wearing it; without looking worn out.

Gift versatile classic pieces: Since the pieces that you would be gifting, will be worn over a period of time, the key is to ensure that the garments are timeless in nature and can be paired with many different options. Any clothing that is specific to an on-going trend may or may not hold as much value in the recipient's wardrobe as classic pieces.

Custom Fits: Many brands in today's day and age offer the option of designing garments which are tailor fit for the individual they are being purchased for. Keeping the recipients body type in mind, the individual gifting the garment should firstly look for brands that offer a sizing chart that is curated for Indian bodies; as garment proportions offered by brands functioning with western charts can be unappealing on Indian curves. Secondly, if there is an option available, one should ideally invest in getting the piece of clothing tailor made, as the fit and comfort offered by these garments would be unmatched.

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