Five reasons why renting laptops is wise

Freedom to replace them for a newer version without bearing the costs of obsolescence is one major benefit of renting

Five reasons why renting laptops is wise

All daily tasks such as communication through emails and messages, writing documents, preparing presentations, and maintaining a record of things, many of which were erstwhile accomplished manually, are now performed efficiently and quickly through the aid of laptops – a portable and compact personal computer. In line with this dependence on computers for the smooth functioning of one's everyday life, it has become necessary for both individuals and businesses to acquire laptops with the specification and configuration that can fulfil their specific requirements. However, buying a laptop is a long-term investment which is not affordable for many. Laptops with superior performance, portability and features require one to shell out big bucks and even involve burdensome maintenance costs for increasing their life expectancy. Furthermore, laptops can't be considered as an investment as they need to be replaced every few years as new technologies and novel features surface in the market.

As it has become practically impossible to connect with the world and accomplish daily tasks without a laptop, both individuals and businesses are making the cost-effective and budget-friendly choice of renting laptops instead of investing in buying the latest technology. Renting gives one the freedom to choose from a wide variety of laptops, acquire them for a short term or long term duration depending on one's requirement and replace them for a newer version without bearing the costs of obsolescence.

However due to the widespread focus on buying things, many consumers are left dazzled while making the choice to shift from mindless consumerism to the sustainable choice of renting their IT equipment and accessories. To address these doubts and unarticulated queries, Harsh Dhand, Founder and CEO of RentSher lists some benefits of renting laptops instead of investing in buying them:

Get desired laptop with limited financial reserves

Those with a bad credit often struggle trying to find the specific laptop that fits their budget and caters to the particular requirements of their profession. However, instead of laying out hefty sums of money out of one's own pocket or taking a loan to buy the desired laptop, one can rent a preferred laptop from a range of trusted laptop rental service providers. Also, renting a laptop is an easier choice than getting a loan, particularly while setting up a small business, as banks require a considerable credit history for offering loans.

Predict your monthly expenses and get rid of maintenance costs

The pre-determined monthly line item helps one organise their budget more effectively for the ongoing fiscal year. If one rents a laptop, they are freed of all the maintenance and disposal charges associated with one's own device. Also, rentals are not affected by fluctuations in market prices, so one does not need to face the challenges of finalising a beneficial deal while selling out one's obsolete laptop and purchasing a new one. Therefore, renting ensures cost-effective, need-specific fulfilment without any long-term financial burden.

Update to the latest technology

Technological advancements are changing the ways in which we work, network and produce outputs at an untraceable pace. Even the best of technology is quick to become obsolete in today's evolving landscape, as reflected by the rapid updates in hardware and software. As a result, a small business may need to refresh its technology in some areas every 18 months to sustain its growth curve. Through renting, one can easily upgrade to a laptop with the latest configuration and specification according to one's changing needs instead of relying on slow and obsolete laptops that can stifle personal and business growth. According to a 2005 Equipment Leasing Association Survey, 65% respondents listed the ability to upgrade to the latest equipment at one's own convenience as the number-one perceived benefit of leasing.

Organise business meetings hassle-free

Businesses often require IT equipment for short durations, such as for meetings, conferences, parties etc. However, it is not viable for small and medium sized businesses to spend their financial reserves on buying IT equipment for these specific needs. Therefore, renting laptops and IT accessories can prove to be a feasible and cost-effective choice. Additionally, some renting companies have dedicated technical teams which deliver the equipment to the customers' preferred venue, address queries and provide assistance in configuring the equipment and finalising the set-up. End to end rental platforms offer complete payment and delivery service.

Spend money where it is most needed

Instead of spending money on buying the latest technology, small and medium sized businesses can instead spend their financial reserves on marketing, advertising and other functions for scaling operations.

Furthermore, businesses can benefit from renting laptops with identical operating systems for their meetings, conferences, training sessions and parties, as Apple's MacBook might not be capable of running programs that a Windows laptop can and vice-versa.

Identical operating systems offer the same storage, processing speed, functionalities and special features across laptops for all attendees. This eliminates doubts regarding bias for a particular employee/group of employees by allowing all participants to perform essential and similar functions. Therefore, renting laptops is the smarter choice for ensuring long-term personal and professional growth as opposed to engaging in mindless consumerism that promotes the unidimensional concept of "happiness can only be bought."

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