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Fan of music festivals? Get your look right

Fan of music festivals? Get your look right
When you step out to attend a music festival, make sure you deck up to soak in the vibe with the right look, suggest experts.

Hair care brand TIGI educator Audrey D'Souza brings to you top hairstyles that go well with such occasions.

For a simple hairdo:

  1. Curl your hair with a curling iron, working one-inch section. Make sure you leave about one or two inches of the ends untouched for a more natural feel.
  2. Tie your hair into buns and let them stay so for about 30 minutes. Open them up and spot spray to keep those waves in place You're ready to rock the look.

For a pierced and braided hair style.

  1. Part your hair from one side, with the pointed end of a teasing comb. Work the smaller section of the hair into a tight braid -- you can choose to make this a waterfall braid or a usual one.
  2. While you work through the braid, at regular intervals clip on the rings or piercings to form a uniform pattern. Use a bobby pin to safely secure the end of the braid behind the nape of your neck, tucked under the larger section of your hair which is side-swept.
  3. Finally, for a finishing touch. Spray it and then hold it 10-12 inches from your hair and spray in short bursts across all sections for awesome shine.
Why just stop at gorgeous hair for a music fest? Make sure you have concert-ready and beautiful hair, even after. Shailesh Moolya, National Creative Director- Hair, Lakmé Salon shares how:

  1. Instant deep conditioning: Your hair tends to get de-hydrated and limp after a music festival because of the harsh sun or dirt and sweat. This is the time when an instant and intensive deep conditioning service works best for your hair. It will leave your hair intensively conditioned and hydrated with the required moisture within a few minutes.
  2. Use a heat or UV protectant: A UV or heat protectant for your hair is as important as a sunscreen is for your skin. These products offer the benefits of protecting the hair from the harsh Ultra violet rays and the heat. Use the right product as per your hair type to safeguard your hair during summer.
  3. Condition your frizz away: Never leave your hair un-conditioned after a shampoo. Shampoo has the tendency to remove the excess oil from the scalp and remove the dirt and debris from the hair and leaves the hair layer open. If not conditioned the open hair layers can lead to damage if not closed with a conditioner that suits your hair type. Conditioners hydrate the hair locking the moisture in the hair.
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