Expressing the beauty of nature through art

Expressing the beauty of nature through art
Inspired by his love for nature, as well as his memories and experiences of childhood, Vimal Chand presented a solo exhibition 'Green Ambience', recently. His nature paintings are not only one of the most expressive works but are images which, for many, act like the footprints of the inner workings and the turmoil of the author's soul.
The exhibition, which was inaugurated by Manish Sisodia, will continue till December 30, at the Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre.
Calm and serene are two adjectives that well define Vimal's landscape obsession. As a child, he always had shared a strong bond with nature and used to get inclined towards different elements of it. He used to spend most of his boyhood days wandering around the trails of Jahan Panah City Forest, where he developed a contiguous bond with the flora around.
At a very early stage, Vimal could feel connected with the colourful palette of nature and that is why his work is a remembrance of what he felt at that moment of time.
Nature became a predominant part of the artist's life and there he developed an inseparable bond. Communing with nature, seemed to him like communing with the divinity.
Vimal's connection with nature was deep and intense, and that can be seen through his work. A closer look at Vimal's acrylic paintings shows a variety of moods expressed through soft colours against some strong and warm ones. Sometimes, the impasto pushes the onlooker into the landscape or at times it allows them to feel the rough thorny textured surfaces of his trees via his own journey of life.
Investigating the shifting nature of light and the perception of pure colour, his paintings defined the impressionistic style. Vimal Chand is one of the many impressionist who promoted direct contact to nature and used it to develop new trends in painting.
Vimal's paintings are based mainly on the fundamental elements of environment such as air, water, soil, vegetation etc. In today's era, where the idea of a green environment is just a misconception, his paintings give a soothing effect to the visualizer. Through his paintings, one can make out the beauty that has now been lost amidst civilization.
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