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Experience thrill with Barot Family

Inspired by true events, Zee5’s new film Barot House unleashes the dark phase of Barot family after the gruesome killing of their daughter

Experience thrill with Barot Family

In an exclusive interview with Millennium Post, the lead star cast of barot House, Manjari Fadnis and Amit Sadh, share their shooting experiences, difficulties in portraying a real-life character, industry scenario and much more.....

Describe your character in the film?

Majari Fadnis: I am playing the role of a simple woman whose life revolves around her children, husband and her family. As an actor, it was extremely challenging to perform a real-life character as I had to portray true emotions that this woman had gone through after the murder of her first child.

Amit Sadh: He is a normal guy who has an unfulfilled dream like any other man. Despite having unfulfilled dreams and complexes, he still tries to be the best husband and a good father. But then some circumstances arrives, which threw him completely off guard.

How was your experience shooting a dark film especially with the children?

Manjari: Shooting with kids was an amazing experience as they were very professional and grasped everything so fast. I believe, they hold a special place in everyone's heart as their innocence and full of life personality made this journey easy for us. Overall, shooting a dark film like this was very intense and emotional experience for me.

Amit: I think everybody's life has some sort of darkness. So I tried to push myself to portray the character in the most real way. As far as the kids are concerned, I am very protective about children and it was a bundle of joy to work with them throughout the shoot. They were so professional that sometimes I used to think that they are the adults and I am the kid.

How did you come across the project?

Manjari: After getting a call for this role, I met director Bugs Bhargava who narrated the story to me and I immediately grabbed the opportunity to work in the film. It was sad to know that the movie is inspired from a real-life incident but the script is very well written.

Since it is based on a real-life incident, what was your strategy to portray the character? Have you done anything different to justify your character?

Manjari: It is based on true events but the entire family set has been changed so I didn't have any reference to the real-life character. I had to use my imagination and research about my character.

Amit: You can justify your character by sticking to the script and listening to your director. You have to give what the film wants, and then it is up to the director to pick and choose what is best for the film. But it was one of my best shooting experiences.

Amit, you have worked in TV, films, reality shows and now on the web platform. How has been the journey so far?

Amit: It is difficult to talk about 14 years of journey in 2 minutes but in short I can just tell that it has been full of learning, and a very eventful experience. I am very happy where I am right now.

Is there a difference working in web space and Bollywood?

Manjari: As an actor, there is no difference for me. Web has its own perks, like we don't need to worry about the box office. Also, the web has opened doors for actors and directors to experiment with different kinds of genres, films and characters as the audience is always looking for something new.

Amit: In films, you have to narrate the story in a very short time while in web series, you get more time to tell the story elaborately. Also, through a web platform, you can reach a large number of audience globally.

What is the most thrilling moment of the series according to you?

Manjari: I think there are so many thrilling moments. But to know more, you have to watch the film.

Amit: The whole experience to create such emotions and to live in the pain of the character was very gratifying and emotionally draining.

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