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Exhilarating journey of an artist

Anukta has exhibited her works not only in the major cities of India, but also across the world

Exhilarating journey of an artist

"Art has the power to transform the mundane to extraordinary," this is something that artist Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh believes in deeply. It is this search for the extraordinary - that prompted her to give up her career in hospitality and later a multinational providing global workplace, to set out to follow her heart's true calling – art.

She completed a two-year online diploma course in drawing and painting from London Art College. Her journey so far has been exhilarating, with many highlights. In her words, "While remaining sensitive to the strife and agony around us, through my art, I deliberately choose to focus and highlight the positives that are within each of us and in nature around us." Ever inspired by the spaces she inhabits, the places she visits and the people she meets, she enjoys freeing the captured images onto canvas. Just when you think you have pegged her genre and style, she surprises you with a new form. Yet the unifying thread in her diverse works is her strong sense of aesthetics, sharp drawing, and play of colours.

Till date, the artist has exhibited her works across major cities in India apart from the successful art shows across the world including US, London, Dubai, and New Zealand. Among the many commissioned projects, the notable ones for her were working for a train-themed Indian restaurant in New Zealand, another – an on-site project for a boutique hotel near Simla, for their annual calendar, and a series of research-based artworks related to music for a corporate.

A recent feather in her cap has been the selection of her artwork titled 'Magan', by the Government of India, as a mascot for their PAN India initiative titled 'Startup Womaniya', citing 'Magan embodies the freedom and exuberance that economic empowerment can bring to women.'

Earlier this year she deviated from her usual themes and unveiled a series in Mumbai called 'My brush with Bollywood', depicting the iconic Hindi films across the decades that have influenced our sensibilities. She received resounding appreciation from viewers and media alike. Though, one of her paintings being posted by Amitabh Bachchan on his official blog remains the biggest highlight for her.

Currently, she is excited about a series she is undertaking on her travels across India, akin to a travelogue but through art on canvas, and will be exhibiting them soon.

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