Exhibition to emphasize the idea of 'Duality and Balance'

Exhibition to emphasize the idea of Duality and Balance
Duality exists everywhere around us, and the artists have always been subtly conscious of this duality of things; for example day and night, truth
and false, success and failure, mirth and melancholy. Taking the theme into consideration, artist Alka Bhrushundi is coming up with her solo exhibition- 'Santulan-the balance'.
The more she thought about this duality of life, the more the concept of Balance piqued as an interest.
The exhibition, which will start from December 26 will last till January 1, 2018 at the Lalit Kala Akademi.
Talking about the theme for her exhibition, Alka said, "Our lives, just like our thoughts are constantly swinging to and fro, between the dualities. The desirable life is that of balance; between work and leisure, happiness and sadness, and so on. Thus, I had the wish to bring out the abstract idea of balance through my art work."
Also, our entire universe works on a system of balance. The Sun, planets and other cosmic objects, in a state of fine equilibrium ensure our existence on earth. It is using circular shapes in each of the artwork that she has attempted to bring out the significance of the Sun as a source of energy and balance in our lives. The circles also symbioses the cyclical nature of our lives, and of our thoughts. There is a certain rhythm to our everyday thoughts, if closely observed.
The paintings in this suite of work range from a colour palette of soothing blues and greens, to robust reds and textured yellows. In some instances, the canvases are textured and bring out the forms in high relief. It foregrounds the sphere as its central protagonist. It is the ultimate expression of unity, completeness, and integrity. The artist evokes, spheres and triangles that are gently evocative of this cosmos, calling upon their presence in a mystical and subtle fashion.
"It is a hope for the spectator to get a chance to pause and feel the rhythm in their thoughts and their lives at large; to be able to bring about a balance between the calm and chaos of thoughts," she mentioned further.
The 38 works on display are also available for sale with an approximate price that ranges between Rs. 10,000 and 2,00,000.
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