Exhibiting women power through art

Women in India have been a personified force and a source of inspiration for creative artists but perhaps that is why this muse has never been seen as a creative artist herself. Ironically, the woman who in Hindu religion has been considered to be conserver of ten qualities is often repressed in society for myriad reasons.

That perhaps has been the central force that inspired curator Parul Mittal with the support of Art Tune to conceive "The Summer Shades", an exhibition which is a tribute of gratitude to those women from various facets of community and race who were brave enough to prove their ability as visual artists. The exhibition featuring around 25 women artists was inaugurated at the All India Fine Arts and Craft Society (AIFACS) (opposite Press Club of India) on June 22, at 5:30 p.m. The exhibition will remain open until June 28, 2018.

The artists whose works will be on display include Arunima Kapoor, B. Jaya Lakshmi, Beenu Gupta, Chaitali Chanda, Chaitali Mallick Daftari , Chandana Bhattacharjee, Deepali Jain, Dr Sonali Chouhan, Gina Gibson, Hemavathy Guha, Kanchan Prabha Agarwal, Dr. Vandy Jais and others, who have expressed their feelings and emotions in their own unique and diverse styles.

Women manifest their roles in many ways and for the creative women, their capability to become mothers does not prevent her from expressing their abilities

to work in other areas. Under social pressures, few women could pursue their creativity and that is one of the objectives of this exhibition.

"It is done to create or generate abundant energy for women. This is inspirational motivation for women who participate in the exhibition and also those women who will show their valour in the near future. My attempt is to encourage women and bring them together from across the globe," said Parul Mittal, curator, adding,

"I myself play a role of wife, mother and still manage time to pursue my passion and ability to work as a curator".

The holder of many shows herself, Parul Mittal is the wife of freelance artist Vipul Mittal. She has been attached to the art field and artists for many years and has worked as a curator for the past four years.

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