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Exams: 'Ultimate' pressure cooker

If you are stressing out for your exams, here are a few giveaways to cope up with the pressure and chalk up the best results

With exams around the corner, the pressure starts mounting and we begin to feel the heat with each passing day. Though some believe that a bit of stress around exam time can give positive results, what's better than a clear, aware and a de-stressed mind that not only helps you to think rationally but also lets you strive towards your goals more mindfully.

Even science suggests that when we are stressed, our brains release high levels of cortisol which more or less eclipses our way of thinking and distorts our rational thoughts.

In order to avoid unwanted hurdles such as stress and anxiety, one should practice mental discipline as it is all that is needed to compete and succeed. So, here are a few giveaways to help you cope up with the exam pressure and chalk up the best results

Get organised and prioritise time

Buckle up and carve out a daily routine which is easy to stick to. This includes a slew of things ranging from making a timetable that fits your schedule for every day, the subjects you have to study and not to forget the workload – the hotbed of stress. Outlining the dates of each exam –if there is more than one- will give you the idea that how many topics need to be covered each day so there are no jaw-droppers waiting to unfurl.

Basking in breaks

Don't be too hard on yourself. Relax for a while or so in between the intense schedules which entail the exam time. One should take regular intervals (for instance 15-20 minute breaks) during your revision days. To ginger up things you can hang out with friends, watch a movie, attend a gig or just do what you enjoy doing the most, as it will make you feel rejuvenated, will peel off the worries, soul-sagging feelings, and is likely to give you more motivation to work harder.

Don't compare but do share

While discussing topics and revising with other classmates is really healthy, sweating over what topics others have done can possibly sow the seed of under-performance in you. Perhaps you may be ticking but chances are that listening to others might put you in a dilemma that you aren't really progressing and that will in turn only pave way for more distress. So, listening to others is good but not always. And if one is brimming with stress so much that his/her daily life is being affected, then one shall try breaking it to someone who will pay heed to your concerns and offer suitable advice to manage it.

Hell in a cell?

Well, this might sting a little but if you can bear to part ways with your cell phone (no, not talking about tucking it away in some corner) it can work wonders for you. It's hard to believe the fact that overuse of mobile phones cannot only push stress levels in a person but can also have a negative impact on mental health. Needless to say, we all know how time flies while scrolling up and down the news feed on Facebook. In short, it will be best to act smart with the smartphone.

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