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Delhi Blue's Terrafest

Delhi Blues Terrafest

Delhi Blue's Terrafest was the delight of terracotta lovers. At the Triveni Kala Sangam the array of small and medium terracotta objects became a lesson in the artisanal ethos of the humble potter. Interesting to see that potters these days are trying new glazes as well as a series of different designs in keeping with Deepawali the festival of lights.

Terrafest the five-day exhibition and sale of an entire range of decorative as well as functional ceramic pieces, crafted by traditional terracotta artisans from at least six Indian states is more about the humble potter who creates without any support in terms of infrastructure or even financial and marketing strategies.

Delhi Blue then does yeoman's service to the small cottage industry as you look at the steps arrayed with different offerings. 'Terrafest', as an edition held for the fourth time has 17 artists participating.

The brain child of Ravi and Leena Batra of the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, founded in 1991 by prominent studio potter Sardar Gurcharan Singh it has come a long way in terms of the dynamics of studio pottery as well as traditional pottery.

The lawns at the Triveni Kala Sangam reflect not just the celebration of the medium of pottery, but resembles a mini marketplace in which city dwellers can buy their wares and look at the power and passion of the traditional potter.

The small tea pots and mugs are as quaint as the little lantern like creations that only need a tea light to get them to glisten in the glow of the night shades.The size of a number of pots also seem to be more minute and minuscule. The multiple shelves with the minute creations also make a telling statement in terms of new design ventures.

Among participating states are Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Manipur.

The beauty of the smoke fired ceramics is the cut work designs and the little twists that add to the charming tenor of creativity.

Uma Nair

Uma Nair

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