Crafting stories with metal and wood

Crafting stories with metal and wood
Presenting the magic of moulding metal and wood, Arzan Khambatta is in the Capital for his first solo show 'Spectrum'. The exhibition, which will go on till November 21, features a congregation of 31 artworks with insightful observations on the world Arzan inhabits.
Arzan started sculpting in 1982 and after 11 solo and 80 group shows across the world, with artworks from six inches to 70 feet in height, he came to Delhi. The Mumbai based sculptor seems to have reborn with this exhibit, looking at the world with fresh eyes. Humour is the key in his works through which he expresses and breathes life into these inanimate sculptures depicting serious social subjects with a pop of hilarity.
We see this life with the perspective of 'Making a Name for Yourself' and 'Moving Ahead'. This explores aspects of human ambition, personal identity, and location. His sculptures are more than artworks. These are stories crafted in metal and narrate his vivid take on our modern insanity and our desperate need to be 'plugged in' all the time.
"The human figures in the sculptures are smaller, subordinating themselves to the larger concept thus acknowledging our actual place in the universe. This thought that I had is a reflection of our life which works within our own karma and brings forth the fact that we are a part of something greater", says Arzan.
"Arzan is known for his work with metal and his unique thought process. We wanted to introduce this ideation to the Delhi art connoisseurs with his first solo show in the Capital", says Tarana Khubchandani, Director at Gallery Art and Soul.
Arzan Khambatta came into the limelight with his exhibition 'Scraptures' where he created wonders out of metal scrap. He is the man who made metal a magic medium, giving it different forms infused by his imagination. His mind is a fountainhead of creative ideas. Engaging with different materials and being 'O'pun minded ' is second nature to him.
This exhibition is being organised at the Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
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