Cover up tattoos: Everything you need to know

Cover up tattoos: Everything you need to know

Getting a new tattoo might be a good idea but there is a great chance of it going wrong – sometimes because of the poor quality of ink while the other times because a plain ugly, bad tattoo happened unwantedly.

Disappointment of getting a bad tattoo is terrible and makes you feel helpless. It seems like you would never get rid of this mistake...but hey, hold on! There is a solution.

Celebrity Tattoo artist and expert Vikas Malani– Co-Founder of BodyCanvas Tattoos suggest to redesign your unpleasant tattoo.

Here are a few thing which you need to keep in mind to avoid repeating the mistake. Read on:

How to get a Cover Up tattoo?

So, when you have decided to get a tattoo from a professional tattoo artist you must know that the pigment of the new ink will not go on top of the old tattoo's pigment. However, you will be amazed to see that these two colours get combined and create a new colour. For example, blue and red together turn into purple under your skin.

Procedure for a cover-up design

Firstly, your tattoo artist will begin to trace new tattoo design over the previous tattoo. The artist will put the outline under the light and place another thin piece of tracing paper on its top. The cover-up process will start via working on the traced outline of your old tattoo to conceal that area.

How much does Cover Up cost?

The cost will be based on the design, expertise of a tattoo artist, and the amount of rework required. We are sure that you spent a certain amount on old tattoo without any research but this time you shouldn't think before spending on a tattoo to rectify it.

Things to keep in mind before getting Cover up Tattoo

TATTOO SIZE: New Cover up Tattoo will always be bigger than the older one. You will have to compromise on size, so take advantage of it and get better tattoo this time. Discuss the size of your tattoo with an artist.

TATTOO COLORS: Ask your artist what shade of colours they will be using as to hide the old tattoo – colour ranges from blues to browns to blacks. So opt for bold and dark colour options to cover up your previous one.


It is seen, even after Cover up Tattoo is done, the old tattoo colour is easily visible. For this reason, the tattoo artist uses excess dark ink to achieve the effect they want.

Inks like blue or black will appear on the cover-up tattoo as compared to the shades of white or yellow. So, before you start to Cover Up the tattoo ask your new tattoo artist about the colours they will be using to hide old one.

Myths and Misconceptions about Cover up Tattoo

Tattoos are painful, tattoos are only for hippies, and that they are still considered a taboo in some parts of society are some common perceptions.

Can't donate blood: It's only the first three months that you cannot donate blood. After that, you can donate blood.

A tattoo cannot be removed: Tattoo can be removed through a laser treatment leaving no scars behind.

A tattoo will fade when you get old: Tattoo needs maintenance. You need to moisturise your tattoo at least once in a day.

Skin allergy and blood poisoning: People have a mindset that getting a tattoo can lead to skin allergies. With the right artist and proper hygiene, allergies don't come up as a problem.

People who are below 18 years cannot get a tattoo: You can surely get a tattoo even if you are not 18. Getting a tattoo will not have any health hazards if you below the mentioned age.

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