Colours that highlight degrading cities

In the wake of present environmental crisis our civilisation is facing, Meena Yadav, with a splash of colours decided to bring out the degradation process that our cities are going through.
"Lost innocence of the cityscape", an art exhibition by Yadav at the Open palm court of India Habitat Centre, explores a human's relation to nature. Meena has been working on this series of artworks for a very long time and is a keen observer of city life. Living on an upper floor of a multi-story apartment in Gurgaon, she observes the daily life of the city keenly and passionately. What she realizes is that cities, not only Gurgaon but others also, are expanding, vertically and horizontally. Not only the nature but the innocence of our inner-self is being disturbed and destroyed.
"This series is not about nature but rather about destruction. These paintings are a subtle reminder to my fellow beings that there is no human life without nature and destruction will only lead us to a less flourishing life zones," says the artist.
Colours are used in her paintings, passionately and sensitively; as if the environment colours also have an emotional significance for her. The colour patterns are subtle and soft and is left to the imagination of the viewer.
"Through my paintings, I want to raise awareness and knowledge about how crucial it is to realise and take steps towards the betterment of our society and the problems. I use a contrast of dark and vibrant colours to bring out the comparison between the two phases of life, giving unusual attributes and colours to objects and nature," explained Yadav.
The artist has travelled around India which gave her an insight into the cultures and the problems faced by different regions which seemed common. Most of her inspiration and conviction is derived by looking at the daily lives of human beings and observing nature.
Art lovers can take a look at these paintings till January 8 from 11 am to 7 pm.
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