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Coloured denims: Get the style right

Coloured denims: Get the style right
Get experimental with denims and choose a coloured pair to stand out. But ensure you choose one which flatters your body type and which looks suitable for the place you may be heading to, suggest experts.
4Wear the jeans that flatter your body type. Coloured jeans like normal blue jeans come in various fits – skinny, straight, regular. Choose the one that suits your body type.
4Wear a neutral colour on top like white, grey or ecru if you are wearing a bright coloured jeans.
4If you are wearing a printed shirt or t-shirt, keep it low-key and not too contrasting with the colour of jeans.
4Do not dress in a single colour tone from top to bottom
4Do not wash coloured jeans in hot water. Also turn them inside out before washing in cold water to preserve the colour and make it last longer.
Stylists believe coloured jeans are a great alternative to your usual blue pair and can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion.Along with the pastel shades of yellow, khaki, baby blue and mauve, the shades of wine, plum, rust, burnt orange and deep green are the substitutes of indigo.
Tips on buying jeans:
Good fit: When buying jeans, the first and most important tip is to make a note of your waist size and trouser inseam length. A good jeans should fit securely around your waist, while
providing enough ease for you to move around easily in. This is really something you will realise when you slip them on.
Colour: Colour plays a key role in this product and selecting the right colour is of most importance. What to pair it with, whether a shirt, polo t-shirt or a casual tee and what will be the occasion – work/office, casual and
street, or any other occasion are the questions one needs to answer while looking for colour. Also while selecting the colour, one's body type and what looks good should be given consideration.
Style: When you choose to buy a pair of coloured jeans, it isn't just about fit, it is also about how the product looks and feels aesthetically. Design and styling plays an important role here. Sometimes, classics with minimal details are the best bet.
Quality: To ensure you don't waste money, make sure you take a good look at the quality of the jeans you are considering to buy. Coloured denims sometimes are not even when dyeing. Check for any uneven and patchy dye stain. You want to look at the seams, pockets, zips and buttons to make sure they are well
made and will last a good few years.
Fly closure: While trying a pair of jeans , one should always check the fly closure, if it is a zipper or button closure. Zipper is easier to operate and hassle-free while there are chances of its malfunction. Buttons are more durable as
fastners but are difficult to close and open on frequent basis.
It is a personal choice, and should be taken into consideration while picking your favourite pair of coloured jeans.


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