Celebrating the royal wedding

Celebrating   the royal wedding
On a bright sunny day, when Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales readily accepted Rachel Meghan Markle as his wife, the most iconic wedding of the decade was recorded in the history. Though only selected 600 lucky ones – physically present at the Windsor castle – could become a part of the nuptials, there were thousands who went a step further to enjoy the festivities.
K3 at JW Marriott Aerocity was one of the few hotels who crafted a lavish royal wedding feast to give an unforgettable experience to its guests. Before I could savour an array of scrumptious food and assorted desserts illustrating grandeur and opulence, aesthetics of the place caught my attention. Suspending beautiful fabrics and sheer blush drapes fastened with florals, transformed the entire dining zone into a striking setting that radiates royalty. What added to the charisma was the dim lighting, soulful music and the tempting aroma of good food. As a whole, it was nothing less than a treat to your senses.
Moving on to the dining table, the refreshing watermelon juice gave an amazing start to my evening. It was followed by appetizers; from crumb fried fish that melts in the mouth within seconds to Methi Bhutta, Chicken Munchurian, Kebeb, Tawa Macchi and Paneer Tikka, every offering was a delight.
I would happily give an extra point to the hotel service for bearing with my impatient nature, and hence serving the best of desired delicacies within no time. Amidst all of it, I don't want to forget mentioning the live counter of Bhalla chaat which not only caught my attention but of most of the present guests.
Stuffing my stomach with all of the aforementioned food and yet another platter of Asian appetizers, I hardly had the urge to dip my spoon in the main course, but on chef's special request to grab a bite of Lal Ghost, I readily agreed. Perfectly cooked mutton in thick red gravy can be enjoyed with Laccha Paratha or tandoori roti. In either case, the rich flavours of the dish will soothe your taste buds.
Despite having all of it, a true Biryani lover like me would still manage to create a little space on the plate as well as the stomach. Indeed, chefs of JW Marriott are very well aware of the choices and demands of their guests and therefore never let them down.
It was time to give a happy ending to my meal. I don't remember the last time when I was so confused about what to eat and what not. Chane ki dal ka halwa, Boondi ke laddu, Imarti, barfi, cupcakes, chocolate balls, fruit custard and what not, you just have to wish for your favourite dessert and it was made available.
Even if I try to think of one thing that didn't go as per my expectations, I would only pressurise my mind. While watching the live streaming of the royal couple taking oaths, I truly enjoyed the royal dinner.

Syeda Eba

Syeda Eba

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