Celebrating the feminine principle

Celebrating the feminine principle
In the presence of Sindhutai Supkal 'Mai', Indira Gandhi National Center for Art (IGNCA) inaugurated 'Shakti Parv: Celebrating the Feminine Principle' on March 6. The three-day long festival consisted of lectures, theatrical therapy workshop, film screening, street plays, exhibitions, rituals, drama, book discussion, dance and music as well as handicrafts and food stalls.
On the first day of the festival, Natya Therapy workshop was conducted by Dimple Kaur; Asmita Theater presented the Nukkad Natak "Dastak"; Prof. Shashi Prabhakumar, Dr Pankaj Mittal, Dr Swati Pal, Dr Savita Khan, and Dr Shwetanshu Bhushan expressed their views in the "Women and Education" discussion.
At the inaugural session of the three-day shakti Parv, Sindhutai shared the struggle of her life. At the age of 20 and during pregnancy, after being rejected by her husband, Sindhu, who was forced to wander, did not even think that one day she would be the mother of thousands of orphans.
Sindhutai, who studied up to the fourth grade, achieved the status of 'Mai' after fighting with the struggles of her life. She is the source of inspiration for other women, who, in spite of the odd circumstances in her life, and motherhood did not let the emotion of bitterness grow within herself.
During the inaugural session, Sindhu Tai, while uttering the struggles of her life, said, "When my husband pulled me out from the house, I started living in the burial site, there was no fear of any man in the night, I begged for food and shared food with others beggars. I gave food to them and they protected me. Today's times are bad but now is the time we can fix it. Who says that God does not exist?"
Dr Sachchidanand Joshi, Member Secretary, said, "Today, when we read or listen to the vibhuti that we are all about here, we will not believe that so much has happened with one person, but all this is true. Sindhutai is a person who, despite having so much of that with her, did not develop a bitterness towards the society, rather she became much more sensitive it."
On the second day, eminent story writer and narrator Malti Joshi recited her stories as Katha Kathan. Her mesmerising story narration style has been acclaimed nationwide. After that the Natya Therapy Workshop was conducted by Dimple Kaur. The topic Wednesday's discussion session was: "Women in Arts and Culture", which was attended by Padmashree Shovana Narayana, Padmashri Padma Sachdev, Prof. Shonlika Kaul, Dr. Lavalen Coolani and Tanushree Chatterjee. 'Hindu Code Bill' drama was also staged by Asmita
Theater and at end of the day, there was a classical vocal recital by Shashwati Mandal.
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