Celebrating eco-friendly Durga puja

Depicting Panchabhuta (five elements) through a creative endeavor, using recycled materials like jute ropes coconut shells etc, the puja samity is promoting an environment-friendly celebration this year.

Celebrating   eco-friendly  Durga puja
Puja Samity has been showcasing Panchabhuta using recycled & eco-friendly products at the Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore Co-operative Puja Ground from the September 25. The event, which was inaugurated by Swami Swasamvedyananda from Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi,will last till September 30.
Our whole cosmic journey in this world and beyond starts from the point of Panchabhuta (five elements), which then manifests in an enjoining manner to form the life force. These five elements include Earth or Prithvi, Water or Jal, Fire or Agni, Air or Vayu and Sky or Akasha. Each of these five elements has its own character and celestial elements.
Co-operative Puja is depicting this Panchabhuta (Five Elements) through a creative endeavor using eco-friendly materials like Wooden planks, Ply boards, Jute ropes, Bamboos, coconut shell, Clay and Butter Paper.
Panchabhuta designs on the panel have been created with inspiration from the Gond Art Style, which is an Adhivasi art-form, existing across 6 Indian states – Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Telengana and Orissa.
The Tribal community strongly believes in Astronomy and their paintings reflect Celestial culmination and the significance of Panchabhuta (Five Elements).
The event kick started with races and sport competitions for all age groups on August 27 to celebrate the World Sports Day. It was followed by K Block Knockout Kings, a Day and Night Football Tournament on September 3.
The list of the major cultural events comprised of recitation competition, dance competition, music competition and many more.
Mahalaya, when we welcome the arrival of the Mother Goddess, Devi Durga, was celebrated through a Live Performance in the early hours of the September 20, which indeed initiated the Puja fervour that all Bengalis keenly await every year. Aanondo Mela, where Bengali housewives prepare savoury and sweet delicacies at home while setting up stalls at the Puja Ground to compete for the best dish award, was held on September 25.
Oas of now, one can witness the Maha Navmi puja and Dashmi puja on September 29 and 30, respectively. Also, the committee is organizing a cultural event where known singers and artists from Kolkata shall be performing.
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