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Buyer's guide: Pick the right facewash for your skin

Avoid sulphates and parabens in your facewash as they irritate and damage the skin, suggest skin care experts

Buyers guide: Pick the right facewash for your skin

A healthy and glowing skin is every girl's dream, but not everyone is naturally blessed with the same. Few of us need to give extra care, follow a regime – the first step of which is to get a miraculous facewash. With an uncountable number of options available in the market, it gets a little tricky to pick the right one. So, we caught up with a few skin experts to discuss the same.

Rahul Agarwal, CEO, Organic Harvest suggests few points to keep in mind while choosing a facewash:

Knowing your skin type is the first step towards buying your facewash. Understanding your skin's features – normal, dry, oily or sensitive – can simplify the process of picking the most suitable facewash for your skin.

Take a close scan of the ingredients list at the back of facewash. It is recommended to use products which contain organic plant extracts and essentials oils as they have numerous skin care benefits.

Choose a skin issue related Facewash. Many facewashes, these days, are formulated to target certain skin issues other than simply cleansing the face. They are often labelled like 'Acne Control', 'Oil Balancing' or 'Moisturising Face wash'. If you're choosing a facewash that takes care of a specific skin issue, ensure that it also suits your skin type.

Avoid sulphates and parabens in your facewash. Synthetic cleansing agents like sulphate and paraben irritate and damage the skin. Hence, chemical free organic face washes are must, to include in your face care regime.

Choose a facewash with moderate exfoliating ingredients. Your skin can benefit greatly from regular exfoliation. However, deep exfoliation on daily basis can be harmful if the exfoliant is coarse. Pick a facewash that has mild exfoliants and effectively remove dead skin cells.

Sharing how a Counterfeit facewashes can harm the skin, Bharti Taneja, Founder and Director of ALPS Beauty Group says, "Fake face washes are detergent-based with no moisturising agents. They leave your skin dry and rough after every wash. Whereas, good face washes are mild cleansers with moisturising agents that maintain the natural oil balance of your skin."

"Fake face washes look and feel like original ones. Even the labels are an eyewash. Also, most ingredients on the label are mentioned with their scientific names and so, it becomes more difficult for the ordinary buyer to differentiate."

The only way to save yourself from the fake products is to avoid falling for deep discounts. "If something is unbelievably cheap then the chances are that it is a fake product. Try to buy the products directly from the brands' agents, salons or reputed shops," she suggests.

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