Bring back vintage lights this Diwali

Bring back vintage lights this Diwali

An elegant interior means decent lighting with beautiful designs and colors. Home decoration especially interior décor holds utmost importance in today's houses. It does not only complement the home's aesthetic beauty but also improves its functionality. Earlier days lights used to be more about royal and authentic with lovely designs and they had a meaning behind it. Now designs with mirror textures look gorgeous and add appeal. Today many are focusing on contemporary and modish interiors to style their homes, offices etc, and the utility of decorative lighting has immensely increased in recent times.

Chandeliers, a branched ornamental light fixture mounted on ceiling or walls is one of the classic pieces from the forgotten times.

Now everyone is including a chandelier in their interior not just as a showpiece but also because it shows you have a royal taste or uniqueness.

Amit Jindal, Owner of Gopichand and Son lists variety in terms shades designs:

A chandelier is used to highlight large or bigger area of the surroundings like the living area or sitting area.

If you want a chandelier for your bedroom one can choose those small chandeliers with highlighted design work which makes the room look more beautiful and pretty.

If you want a chandelier for bigger rooms like the living area or sitting area, go for that huge big chandelier. Big chandeliers will highlight every corner of the room. And it gives more of royal touch to your room.

Candle Chandelier

Though lights have their own beauty a candle holds more significance when it comes highlighting the corner and it looks really beautiful.

Candle chandelier can be used to highlight the mini corners of the room

But one important point if you are using candle chandelier make sure it's contrasting with your wall color or curtains.

Waterfall chandelier

Waterfall chandelier is very sober light which gives you positivity from the place. This lighting has always been a choice for classic places.

Waterfall chandelier is one of the classic pieces from the old era.

If you are living in a place where you have big garden areas. Waterfall chandelier can make your open garden look more beautiful.

Pendant Lights or suspender lights

A pendant light is usually used as hung light. These light can be a spot at the kitchen or dining area décor.

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