Bridging the gap between gallery, artist, and Press

National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) became an art lover's 'adda' on November 24 when people from distinct walks of life, but collectively art connoisseurs gathered to discuss, share ideas, impressions and knowledge on various aspects and element of art and activity in our society. 'Art Adda' is a cultural platform for art lovers, artists, art connoisseurs, students and teachers and public which happen every last Friday of every month.
In this 'Art Adda', NGMA invited some eminent people from Galleries, Artists and Press for discussing various issues on art. The Gallery, Artist and Press play an important role for everyone in the society. Through the coordination of these three elements, the public gets to know about the activity of art and culture across the globe. Nowadays, the gallery is taking a huge contribution of patronage for artists. Through the gallery, artists expose their art works for public as well as financial support. According to Arun Vedhera, "the press should always be present at every event in the gallery for a proper review and news of art exhibitions". Further he says, "Media is one of the powerful tools in our current society which can easily give the information of art and culture to public, art lovers, artists, art connoisseurs and interested public." Kishore Singh, Director of Delhi Art Gallery, says that through the press many artists get publicity for their art works. "Media should be focusing on the valuable art works rather than their personal life and other activities," Kishore further added.
It may also be noted that, sometimes artists don't get the privilege in media for publicity in our society. Finally, the Director-General of National Gallery of Modern Art, Adwaita Gadanayak says, "There should be no gap between the gallery, artist and press. Everyone should come forward for the promotion of art and culture". Further he says, "Artist always tries to revive the culture and art in our society."
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