Bridging innovation and tradition

To promote the art works by graduate students from Peru with a selection of paintings to India, "Artistic exhibition of Peru's contemporary art" is being organized by National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA). Curated by Renu Khera – artist and MD, NIFA – the exhibition brings together the works of 19 artists who graduated in the year 2015 and 2016 from the Peruvian National Autonomous Superior School of Fine Arts, the finest institution of plastic arts in the country. Over the past 100 years, they have imparted in their classrooms, the concepts and techniques of paintings, sculpture, and engravings to several batches of artists, contributing to the society, an art that is both critical and reflexive, constantly counteracting between innovation and tradition.

A formal inauguration of the exhibition took place on September 12 with formal lamp lighting by Carlos Khiminez (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Peru) along with Renu Khera. The show was also attended by Inti Cevayos (Cultural Secy, Embassy of Peru), Katharin Oswald (Embassy of the Republic of Austria), Alexis Bossuyt (Trade and Investment Commissioner, Embassy of Belgium), Gustavo (Cultural Secretary of Chile), artists; Sudip Roy, Kanchan Chander, Nawal Kishor and others.
The art works by Peruvian artists, which comes from Lima, with a selection of paintings to India, is vital in the cultural exchange of art and craft. According to Roger A Caceres (Cultural Manager), the best way to learn about a society is through its culture. "Behaviors, languages, beliefs and above all art bring us closer to the understanding of geographically distant people.
Although the prodigious evolution of the media gives us access to almost any part of the planet from our homes, however, the artistic experience is irreplaceable," he said.
Talking about the exhibition, Renu Khera said, "The cultural exchange plays a vital role to learn and experience the culture, values, and lifestyle of countries. The works on display are made by the students of fine arts. "They approached us for a show with graduate students as a part of cultural exchange. It's a great experience and exposure for both students and art lovers," said Renu Khera.



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