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Beauty regime that needs change with season

Every season brings along different skin problems and hence it is very important to keep changing your beauty regime

Beauty regime that needs change with season

Every season brings with it a different set of skin characteristics and problems. It can get hard to keep up with the ever changing beauty regime but it is extremely important as the same beauty regime can damage the skin in several ways.

Experts list down some tips for your skin to keep up with the changing seasons:

C-T-M for all seasons: The routine of cleansing-toning-moisturizing remains the same in all seasons with variations only in product types. Summers call for deep-clean cleansers. Monsoon require shine and glow cleansers whereas winters call for mild cleansers along with intense moisturizing. Toner with green cucumber and tea would be the best for the hotter weather and to keep the acne at bay.

It is also very important to make sure the product being used in your beauty regime are organic as it not just helps the skin maintain its hydration but also treats it from within as the ingredients are in the purest form.

Season specific SPF: Sunscreen is a must have and remain the same for all seasons, but monsoon particularly requires a water-proof sunscreen.

Night time skin care: As skin is the most active at night, it is important to use a nourishing night cream. An organic night cream not only maintain the moisture but also helps delay ageing.

Scrub it off: An organic Anti-Tan scrub is important for the summers, whereas a regular organic exfoliating scrub is prefect for monsoon and winters, but be careful while scrubbing skin when it's rough and dry.

Must have lip balm: Lip balms' importance remain constant throughout but a shea butter lip balm would work like magic, especially in winters.

Do not switch over directly/entirely to another seasonal regime. Follow the tapering method to switch over

Oiling the hair and/or body massages are necessary for health, flexibility, strength and vitality, and should be included in one's regimes in every season.

It is also not wise to change the entire range of product/brands being used suddenly, as this may lead to untoward effects

The amount and frequency of moisturisation should be adapting to the fluctuating temperatures of the changing seasons. The same applies to cleansing regimes, which may be more frequent during summer.

The Summer and Monsoon seasons bring increased potential for infections, thus adequate hygiene has to be maintained internally and externally

Toning suits all the needs of all seasons, as it helps purify clogged skin pores and minimises their enlarged appearance for a smoother, younger-looking complexion

It is advised that any products or methodologies adopted should not be overused

Excessive use of makeup during transitioning seasons should be avoided

Eat well, sleep well, exercise well

Always wear a smile! It helps take an optimistic approach to every day and focus on the enjoyable aspects of the changing seasons

Consult an expert if any problem persists.



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