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Beauty of nature to come alive on canvas

The 6th Edition of 'Vision'20', a group exhibition at AIFACS, will start from January 3, 2020 and will continue till January 9, 2020.The paintings are an amalgamation of different topics around us including nature, movement, human activity, a manifestation of the artists, their experience and their observation of what surrounds them. The contributing artists are Ajay Ghose, Biswapati Maity, Gautam Pramanik, Jyoti Prasad Mallick, Karna Puri, Manoj Sarkar, Rabindranath Choudhury and others. Saroj Basu, Subrata Biswas, Tapas Basu, Tirthankar Biswas and Tilok Mandal.

Talking about his paintings, Rabindranath Chaudhury, one of the senior contributing artists whose work has been collected by various institutions across the globe said, "In my current series of works, I am experimenting with colors, forms, textures, and perspectives to uncover the deepest crevices of the human psyche. Nature always haunts me and unleashes my mind a profound thrill with all her beautiful things."

Also, one can find unity in Ajoy Ghosh's excellent intertwining of nature with mythology or in the meditative vibes of Karna Puri. While the paintings of Tilak Mondal are a torrent of subtleness teaching the world tenacity through womanhood, Tapas Basu's works are an amazing example of finding peace in the beauty of nature and contemporary society. As Manoj Sarkar takes you through an adventure of many aspects of human life, Thirthankar Biswas's will make you live through the moment of the topic in his canvas.

Along with them are Biswapati Maity and his feminism, Gautam Pramanik and his colors, Jyoti Prasad Mallik brushing out some humble lives, Rabindranath Choudhury, Saroj Basu and Subhrata Biswas with their amazing works.

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