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Beat the indoor pollution with air purifying plants

Beat the indoor pollution with air purifying plants
Due to rising temperature and fewer trees around, it has become difficult to get fresh air. Punam Kalra, Creative Director at 'I'm, the Centre of Applied Arts, recommends to keep our vicinity green and fresh by planting aloe vera plants, peace lilies, snake plant. "Air-purifying plants make the surroundings immensely cool. you won't be needing an air conditioner after you place one of these at your home," adds Kalra.
She highly recommends planting at least one Spider plant, which is known to perform photosynthesis under minimum sunlight.
Environmentalist Anjali Jain, owner of Kala Drishti and Harpreet Ahluwalia, owner of Earthly Creations also advise people to take action towards the betterment of our environment. They have suggested few plants that can be kept in your home to reduce the air pollutants:
4Fern plants are one of the best sources of vitamins and iron, but above all, it helps in humidifying the air. According to NASA, it's the most effective air purifying plants in the world which contribute to the removal of formaldehyde from the atmosphere.
4Aloe Vera is one of the best natural ingredients, mostly used to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Its gel content can be applied to relieve sunburn, acne, dry and irritated skin, but many of us don't know that it is also effective in lowering down the temperature and removing formaldehyde from the air.
4Golden Pathos is known as the beginner's choice plant, as it is very easy to maintain them. These plants clean up the air in the room where it grows. The plant also protects your eyes from harmful elements in the air that might cause irritation.
4Ficus Plants helps to filter out the air pollutants from the house such as benzene and trichloroethane. It improves the air quality and also helps to keep the environment cool.
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