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Artistic representation of nature

Artistic representation of nature

Having shared two exhibitions in the past, Sujata Singh, Suddhasattwa Basu, and Mala Marwah will continue to showcase their interest in common themes, with a group exhibition titled 'Terrain'. The art show combining drawings, water colours, and paintings will be organised at India International Center.

The exhibition will be open for public view from February 27 – March 8, and will display nature in its broadest sense.

In the show, the works of Mala Marwah will move from direct illustration to a freer interpretation of the subject. Sharing what inspired her latest works, the artist said, "What interested me the most was gestural qualities and austerity of 'Far Eastern art' and drawings and pictures by certain European artists. To this, I brought my own great love for miniature painting and its attenuated figures, beautiful depictions of nature, among others."

Suddhasattwa Basu on the other hand will be showcasing his paintings of wild flowering plants that grow around cities – a picture of both rejuvenation and decay points at human vulnerability and the demise of man's ego.

While talking about his paintings, the artist recalled older times and shared that once the wild plants were in abundance here – a natural habitat for monitor lizards, mongooses, field mice, and others. "Now these are all past memories since Delhi Development Authority began developing community parks. The place has become a joggers' park and a manicured garden. An intimidating sign forbids entry to pets, cyclists, and children with an intention of playing football or cricket," he elaborated.

The last participating artist of the exhibition, Sujata Singh believes that "Art will never be able to exist without nature."

Altogether, the exhibition will witness application of line, colour, texture, and space as an individual phenomenon in the works of creators, further revealing their personality.

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