Appreciating the beauty of antiquated objects

Appreciating the beauty of antiquated objects
Jasleena Singh always had a love for the realist elements of objects around her. Humble objects like an old family radio, a typewriter, a cane chair, old mugs all become part of her subjects created in the realist form. The young artist will be presenting her solo show at Lalit Kala Akademi from May 11 – 17. Her show titled 'Yesterday once more' is a three part compositional set of realist works that celebrate all things old. The lantern series, the tea series and the retro series all become little studies of still life and socio-cultural lifestyles that go back to deeper reflections.
This debut positions her as a follower of decadence and reflects that she values and treasures beautiful poetic forms in objects and what she deems as 'perfect workmanship' which makes any subject admirable and worthy to be appreciated. And that is the beauty of the aesthetics of decadence. Like the famous French writer and philosopher Charles Baudelaire, understanding decadence puts this argument into practice by combining lyrical language and complex metrical rhythms with subject matter commonly seen as antithetic to aesthetically pleasing poetics.
"My work is about objects used in our day to day lives, which are now rarely used or just lying rusted in a corner," states Jasleena. "
This body of work is fueled with old school styling and day-to-day used instruments. I believe life is about cherishing our history and reminiscing the past.
These works include my very own personal take on art with joy and pastel shades of the retro era.
 Ranging from literal interpretations to metaphorical synthesis, these paintings incorporate dreams, emotions and expressions that influence my work.
I create humble still life studies through these elements of daily use."
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