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All about waxing

All about waxing

In a world of threading and laser treatments, waxing still remains the cheapest and common way of hair removal.

The thought of smooth and clean hands and legs is exciting, but there is a fear of getting hurt. And, if you haven't tried waxing before, there must be a million questions in your mind that might have been keeping you awake.

Experts answer few such questions for you.

Here is a list of do's and dont's that one must keep in mind:

The interval between two sessions depends upon the growth and quality of hair. Ideally the hair growth should be of 3-4 weeks

If the skin is too sensitive, use a soft wax as that will not harm the skin

In case of in-growths, application of an antibiotic cream will help

Bikini area can be waxed once in 6 weeks so as to maintain personal hygiene.

See to it that waxing is done in the direction of hair growth

Hot wax is good to remove short hair, needs expertise and is suitable for sensitive skin

Cold wax is less messy but is also less effective as compared to hot wax. At times cold wax can lead to pigmentation on the skin

Things to avoid before a waxing session:

Exposure to sunlight through activities like swimming

Beach activities/trekking,

Application of bleach on the face, steam sauna

Chemical peels two days before and after waxing

Post care tips are:

Apply a moisturiser or an astringent after waxing

Do not try to pull out the in-growths as that might cause infection

Apply sunscreen on exposed parts post waxing

(Inputs by Dr Pallavi Sule, Mumbai based Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician)

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