Addressing social issues through colours

The colours, shapes, and emotion have emerged from the very soul of the Capital city, and together they will converge at Open Palm Court gallery, Lodhi Road this autumn.

As a part of a group exhibition, titled 'Panorama-12' – over 20 artists will bring to the viewers a varying range of interpretation of ranging contemporary issues of social relevance from September 1 till September 6.

Curated by Priyanka Banerjee, Panoroma-12, literally meaning an unbroken view of a subject, celebrates the talent of the fresh and the new, and makes a compelling case for contemporary art in the city.

The exhibition delves into the contemporary issue of social relevance, such as feminism, ethical treatment of animals, spiritual harmony, global warming and so on. Nature, for instance, is explored through a mutually symbiotic relationship of flora and fauna.

Urbanization and industrialization have exploited the natural layers of our ecosystem, and its awareness becomes paramount to awaken our collective consciousness. As each artist touches upon subject such as there that have paralysed the society, their canvas becomes a window for us all to explore the possibilities. This is one of its kind, the event is funded by the artists entirely on their own, therefore there is no question of dependence on sponsors.

Dabbling in a diverse range of mediums - from watercolour, oil and pen and pencils to mixed media, the

artists bring to their canvas emotions that reverberate with social significance.

Mridul Chakraborty depicts the joy

of festivity through his portrayal of human figures, whereas, Nilay Sarkar reverberates the same mood and shows happiness through vibrant and

soft colours used on his canvas. Then there is, Tapan Das, who harps on his love for nature through his abstract art along with other artists like Meghna, who emphasises on the adverse effects of global warming through her vivacious paintings or the works of Shalini Varshney's – whose paintings portray spiritual harmony which is lost in our lives. Besides, Biswarajan Bhunia's paintings resonate the same feelings of Shalini's.

Artists like Rama Sharma and Pooja Gujral have tried to bring colours and happiness into our stressful lives through their vibrant artworks. Another participating artist - Rajeev Semwal has tried to bring before us the songs of nature woven neatly through his traditional artworks.

On the other hand, veteran artist Uma Bardhan deals with spirituality while the artworks of the veteran artist Archana Das are an impeccable blend of childlike innocence and adult wisdom.

Pankaj Bharti's paintings are thought-provoking and are beautifully executed with bright colours .

Akshita Wason's paintings done in mixed media portray the changes that are taking place in our environment.

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