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A-to-Z of Instagram in India

Read on to know what your peers are looking out for on Instagram and what’s getting their attention

A-to-Z of Instagram in India

Hours of screen time mostly on Instagram? The social media site revealed Indias fascinating hobbies, passions, and the interests that have the nation double tapping. Presenting what your peers are looking out for and what's getting their attention.

A: Artists of Instagram

India has a number of Insta-artists who are religiously followed for their unassuming honesty, quick wit and humour.

B: Body positivity

Body positivity and reaffirmation is trending and we love it. Model Liza Golden-Bhojwani speaks about her journey from her early modelling days to accepting her curves.

C: Comedy

Indians have a funny bone which they explore it on the web, as Indian comics have some of the most followed Instagram accounts.

D: Dance

This one is no surprise, Indians love to dance. One of the things that gives actor Tiger Shroff the edge is the dance rehearsal and fitness routines that he posts. Incidentally, it was Shroff who unveiled this list for Instagram being a trend setter himself.

E: Enjoy the little things

Well there are a lot of interesting accounts which post about the little things that make a difference; as opposed to augmented reality which is what most influencers thrive on. Follow

F: Festivals on Instagram

From the upcoming Jaipur Lit Fest to the India Art Fair, Insta-handles of fests and cultural events keep the audience up to date with the latest

G: Green (sustainability)

Indians are focusing on climate change, sustainable eating, sustainable travel and sustainable fashion; anything green is a go! @gretathunberg is a national favourite

H: Handmade (DIY)

From cakes to bikes, you name it and there's a way to make it. The Do It Yourself videos are quite popular on the wire.

I: Indian Weddings

But of course, this is a no brainer! What else could Indian's possible check out more than ideas for their big fat Indian wedding.

J: Jewellery

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and there's no such thing as too much gold.

K: Keep Going

Whether it's inspiration you need to get you through the day, or an endless adventuree how to keep it going is on trend.

L: Love

No introduction needed here either. The search for your soul mate or that perfect quote to romance your partner love is in the air.

M: Mental health

Mental health is not just a popular topic in India, it's a topic that has the world's attention at the moment. Deepika Padukone talks about mental health.

N: New Year resolutions

Well really my resolution is better than yourse originality or commonality is what people are looking for.


It's an abbreviation for eOutfit of the day.' Everyone from celebrities, to stylists to influencers have used this hashtag.

P: Photography

There are international photographer from the like of National Geographic and Associated Press that one can follow and then there are amateurs. But photography is bang and centre of what Instagram is all about. From nature photography to weddings, fashion, food you name it and there's a handle for it.

Q: Quote of the day

Check out the hundreds of accounts that give motivational quotes to see you through the tough times.

R: Repost

To cool to post and need your friends to upload a picture makes you part of the eRepost Club.'

S: Saree-grammers

The sari not sorry has evolved into the Saree-grammers!

T: Tutorials

Beauty, makeup, fitness, baking, arte the list is endless. If you need a hack on how to get it done in under five minutes, you'll find it here.

U: Urdu poetry

This is a surprise and we can't be more pleased about it. Just the hashtag #urdupoetry alone has over three million posts, so you can just imagine how far the following goes.

V: Vibes

Frankly we are quite over the whole #vibes thing, but if you still like it we can't fault you.

W: Writers of Instagram

There are many writers on Instagram, @karunaezara is appreciated for her social comments, poetry and creativity.


You knew kissing burns up to 16 calories per smooch, now if we could only tell you how many calories double tapping on Instagram burns!

Y: Yummy

This is a very very generic and large pool of things. From yummy deserts to hot bodies, we can't single out any one particular yummy for you.

Z: Zumba

Zumba videos, outfits, tutorials, classese and on and on we go!

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