A step towards sustaining the rich cultural heritage of Indian textiles

A step towards sustaining the rich cultural heritage of Indian textiles
India International Centre is organising a symposium around the exhibition 'Leela: Art World of Pahari Women', which is an exploration and recreation of varied stitches and textures used in Pahari embroidery. The symposium will be conducted at Art gallery, Kamala Devi Complex on February 24. Based on the theme of 'Capacity building measures for sustaining textile heritage of India', the event will be attended between 11 am and 1 pm.
Pahari region (Hill states of Punjab) was well known for the tradition of illustrious embroidery on articles made by women in their leisure time. The embroidery was seen on religious textiles, apparel, and other utilitarian household objects.
The exclusive exhibition of such embroidery work, conceptualised and curated by Dr. Rohini Arora, will showcase rumals, wall hangings and apparel based on traditional themes, using naturally dyed untwisted silk threads.
The exhibition is put on view to recreate the whole realm of embroidery, which is a beautiful amalgamation of stitches, textures and ornamental features. A detailed analysis of museum pieces, allied to a field survey of artisans and a review of the commercial market, has helped to restore a traditional embroidery technique through intervention with the embroiderers.
The symposium, prior to the exhibition, is organized for disseminating the information and bringing together practicing artisans, higher education professionals, NGO and museum representatives to engage in enriching and fruitful conversations about sustaining the rich cultural heritage of Indian textiles.
The discussion may focus on historical development of traditional textiles, trade aspects; characteristic features originating from sociological, cultural or anthropological contexts or constraints; availability of resources; preventive conservation etc.
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