A painting is like a jigsaw puzzle: Deepali Roongta

A painting is like a jigsaw puzzle:  Deepali Roongta

'Vivid clusters' – a solo exhibition by Deepali Roongta, curated by Kishore Labar, will be organised at Triveni Kala Sangam, from September 13 to 23.

The ten-day artshow will be a display of the artists' understanding about an image as an idea; a cluster of vivid thoughts endowed with energy.

According to Deepali, a painting is like a jigsaw puzzle. She says, "You may imagine a shape, but it may assume one that is entirely another. An artist's mood during the day can change its contours."

"An artist has many different thoughts put together in one art. Those thoughts can be happy, pleasant, comfortable because it can be adventurous, antagonistic, peculiar, maverick; it can cause offence, unease, discomfort and not just blissfulness," she further adds.

In the upcoming exhibition, the artist will offer an intriguing perspective on how altered objects can create an interdisciplinary stage for idea creation and takes it to a completely new level where everything is fluid everything is surreal.

The artist has a varied palette of colours that change according to her inspiration and the image that she sees in her mind.

Her colours are bright, which seems to come automatically and intuitively to the artist. No colour is allowed its own voice but has to find an echo in that of the artist's.

She believes that a shape, a form, a colour – any of them can decide to go wrong at any time. What comes out of this process of creation and destruction is an amalgamation of vibrant colours, pleasant thoughts, happy moments, struggles, internal conflicts, compromises. That is what you see as an artwork.

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