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A glimpse into millennia-old Rajasthani miniature

 Team MP |  2018-07-12 14:57:16.0

A glimpse into millennia-old Rajasthani miniature

If you are a bibliophile, do not forget to grab an edition of a book that reflects the uniqueness of Rajasthani art – where shades and strokes come together in what almost appears as a divine interplay to create magic.

Titled 'Rajasthani Miniatures: The Magic of Strokes and Colours', it is a beautifully written draft by Dr Daljeet and published by Niyogi books. The book will be launched at the India International Centre on July 13 in the presence of Kaptan Singh Solanki, Governor of Haryana; Dr B.R Mani, Director General, National Museum Institute; Dr Sachchidananda Joshi, Member Secretary, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts; and Professor Arun Kumar Pujari,Vice Chancellor, Central University of Rajasthan, at 6:30 p.m.

A large bulk of Indian miniature paintings comes from Rajasthan. These miniatures are endowed with warm colours, primitive vigour, directness of expression and all that corresponds to the unique land of Rajasthan. Rajasthani Miniatures: The Magic of Strokes and Colours presents, through a detailed narrative and exquisite photographs, a glimpse into this art that has spanned several millennia. It traces the stylistic sources of Rajasthani miniatures, discovering elements that go beyond geography and time to reveal Rajasthani art's generic growth.

The author of this book, Dr Daljeet, has been an art historian and archaeologist, former curator and head of the Department of Painting in the National Museum, New Delhi, and is now working as a Consultant, Sports Authority of India (SAI), New Delhi.

Her books on Malwa and Mughal, Deccan and Tanjore Paintings, Sikh Heritage and Indian Monuments have been widely acclaimed by scholars and art connoisseurs. Her catalogues include Ramayana in Indian Miniatures, Divines and Mortals, Indian Art: From Indus to Recent Times and Tanjore and Mysore Schools of Paintings.

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